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Pipeline Women's Pro to closeout Pipe season

2012 champion Bianca Valenti © Sea Hawaii Women's Pro



Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro

ASP 1-Star Women's WQS event
Pipeline, Oahu Hawaii
11 - 21 March 2014

Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro Set to Crown 2014 Champion

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 March, 2014 - The Surf n Sea Pipeline Womens Pro is slated for March 11-21, depending on surf conditions and size. This event will be a one star Association of Surfing Professionals competition for the elite women who ride Pipeline. The forecast is looking bright for the ten day event and the set up is proving perfect for great waves. 

Pipeline is one of the most difficult waves in the World so to have the opportunity to surf in the event is a prestigious one. The most winning athlete so far in the short board event is California's Anastasia Ashley.  She has been very successful at the famous break in competitions making the final 4 times out of 6 events. She placed 3rd in 2009 and 3rd in 2012, last year she placed 2nd and she was Champion in 2010. Anastasia Ashley grew up in Hawaii and moved to the mainland but represents a lot of women that love Pipeline. All have an array of different back-rounds and exciting stories to tell about their lives and surfing.

Women come from all over the world to surf the spot as difficult as it is with crowds these days, they have had great success.  "I think how you win it is to know how to watch the conditions and the swell direction that day because it can change very fast, you need to be on it', says Ashley. She does not do many tour events but Pipeline is different for her. "I like Pipeline because it's one of the most beautiful waves to watch from the water and it has so much power", she explains. You can bet on her for her 5th final heat appearance. 

Defending Champion is Dax McGill. "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can not do." This is a  quote from McGills blog and it says it all. She won the event with determination and grit. She is a very experienced competitive surfer who has won the ISA World Jr. Title. She is known for her air maneuvers and she lives near the break, that is a plus.  Another of Hawaii's young charging surfers. With the waves and conditions sizing up to be great we look forward to another historical year for her and all the competitors!

Last years results:
1st Dax McGill, Hi.  
2nd Anastasia Ashley, Ca.
3rd Tatiana Weston Webb, Hi.
4th Francie Harrier, Ca.
5th Briana Cope, Hi.
6th Melanie Bartels, Hi.

Tatiana Weston-Webb also won the best wave award for a ten point tube ride.


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