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Podcast explores the lives of those who live differently




Surf journalist Shelby Stanger creates podcast program "Wild Ideas Worth Living"

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 May, 2017 - Wild Ideas Worth Living is a new podcast that explores the lives and actions of those who live, well, differently.

Surf journalist Shelby Stanger created the popular program when she saw a need to explore the lives of those who live outside of normal convention. When most of us hear about someone who drops everything to travel the world we say: "oh, cool," and leave it at that. This show focuses on those people who have acted on their wild ideas.

Stanger explores then delivers through each episode a captivating podcast with the thought-provoking questions necessary to fully understand how and why someone could leave a comfortable existence.

Her latest subject is Alison Teal, the female Indiana Jones of adventure travel.

Alison Teal’s Wild Idea: To Travel the World, Thrive on Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid, and Make Movies That Get People to Pay Attention to Plastic Pollution and Protecting Our Environment.

There’s a reason Oprah Magazine calls Alison Teal the “Oprah of Adventures” and Time calls her the “Female Indiana Jones.” While you and I were going to regular school, she was riding camels and climbing in Nepal with her adventurous parents.

After studying film at USC, she was invited to participate on the Discovery Channel show, Naked and Afraid. She not only survived 21 days with a guy in the wilderness naked (and then made a grass skirt and coconut bikini), but she used her fame from getting the highest Primaries Survival Rating) on Season One of the show to promote an important purpose, protecting our planet. Alison does it all with a ton of passion, a bikini and a pink surfboard.

This episodes tells her story, to the tune of tropical birds signing behind her computer at her adventure house on the Big Island of Hawaii.


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