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Popular vote names O'Neill CWC wildcards

Noi Kaulukukui © Ryan Chachi Craig

O'Neill Coldwater Classic

Steamer Lane, Santa Cruz California
6 - 10 November 2013

Online poll names final four wildcards for O'Neill Coldwater Classic

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 8 October, 2013 : - - Santa Cruz - Six surfers have earned wildcards into the 2013 O’Neill Coldwater Classic Invitational, the latest incarnation of the longest running North American surf contest. The event has a holding period of November 6-10, 2013 at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, California.

More than 3,500 votes were cast in a public online poll, which determined Quinn McCrystal (with 24 percent of the vote), Billy Hopkins (19 percent), Andrew Jacobson (17 percent), and Noi Kaulukukui (15 percent) as four of the six wildcards. The remaining 25 percent of the vote was split between Kilian Garland, Chris Foster, Kalani Robb and Dylan Goodale, who were finalists in the video contest, but did not earn enough public votes to advance.

Jeremy Johnston and Shaun Burns were named the final two wildcards by O’Neill to round out the 16-man field of competitors.

The mostly unsponsored surfers will vie for a “winner take all” grand prize yearlong sponsorship including travel incentives and contest fees from O’Neill Wetsuits valued at $50,000.  All 16 of the surfers have one thing in common, none has a major sponsor and this grand prize could change their life affording them the rare opportunity to spend a full year competing on the World Qualifying Series circuit and chasing their World Tour dreams.

The complete 16-man roster includes:
1.     Andrew Jacobson, 18, Malibu, CA (public vote wildcard)               
2.     Noi Kaulukukui, 32, Santa Cruz, CA (public vote wildcard)  
3.     Billy Hopkins, 21, Huntington Beach, CA (public vote wildcard)       
4.     Quinn McCrystal, 23, Huntington Beach, CA (public vote wildcard)
5.     Jeremy Johnston, 27, New Smyrna Beach, FL (O’Neill wildcard)
6.     Shaun Burns, 21, Santa Cruz, CA (O’Neill wildcard)
7.     Stu Kennedy, 23, AUS (invited)
8.     Granger Larsen, 23, HAW (invited)
9.     Wade Carmichael, 20, AUS (invited)
10.  Torrey Meister, 25, HAW (invited)
11.  Hank Gaskell, 27, HAW (invited)
12.  Dion Atkinson, 27, AUS (invited)
13.  Shaun Joubert, 22, ZAF (invited)
14.  Ricardo Christie, 24, NZ (invited)
15.  Chris Waring, 26, Huntington Beach, CA (invited)
16.  Cory Arrambide, 24, Santa Barbara, CA (invited)

Source: O'Neill

Author: Shane Skelton

Tags: O'Neill Cold Water Classic, Santa Cruz, Unsponsored

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