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Portugal reeling from VQS Rumblefish event


VQS Rumblefish

VQS Surf Series
Matosinhos Portugal
14 - 15 September 2013

Alba Lloves from Galicia shines bright in event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 25 September, 2013 : - - The second stop of the Rumblefish VQS showed up at the North again after a few years of absence. The lack of waves made us move it to the alternate beach at Leça. The howling wind didn't stop 80 kids from destroying the fun 3 to 4 foot waves with the occasional bigger sets.

Looking good in the morning it turned pretty hard to surf due to the strong wind that started around noon. Especially for the Squids who bravely battled the waves kicking and screaming. Stand outs on Saturday were the under 13 and under 16 division. Marco Mignot at the former, João Moreira, João Maria and Tomás Ferreira at the latter looked impressive and decided about winning the whole thing.

Alba Lloves from Galicia stood out also at the girls Division as well as little girl Francisca Veselko in the Squids Division. Due to the strong winds and to the quantity of competitors we decided to finish the contest the next day hoping for waves at the main spot in Matosinhos.

Sunday morning and another flat day, so we were back to Leça. The Rumblefish still had a long way to go and it went all the way to the finals there except the squids final as the waves were bigger than the day before and the wind stood strong. The little ones had their final in Matosinhos in small conditions and rip it as much as possible. In the end José Maria Ribeiro came out on top, closely followed by Francisca Veselko who ripped the small waves on her 4'8''.

Marco Mignot beat the competition in the 13 and under division pulling the move of the contest, a unsuspected 360 air reverse. João Moreira won the 16 and Under leaving the winner of Rumblefish with Tomás Ferreira filling the 2nd spot, Vasco Monica in third and in fourth Amado.

At the 20 and Under Divison João Monteiro took the honors followed by Luis Monteiro, Ricardo Pinho and Gonçalo seabra. In the girls division Alba lloves couldn't keep up with her previous day performance and finished 4th, Luisa Villas Boas 3rd and Andreia Pereira 2nd. Thus leaving Francisca Cunha who showed some good surfing battling her way into 1st spot. All in all two days of good fun and great surfing.

Big thank you to "Xerife" from Espinho and his crew, Miguel Leitão and the rest of the judges who did a great job, to Pedro from Tabua surfboards, Diogo and Miguel for keeping up the contest running and to everyone (parents and kids) who drove hundreds of miles to be there. To all the Northern coaches and parents for being the nicest people. Thank you and see you next year.


1. Francisca Cunha
2. Andreia Pereira
3. Luisa Villas Boas
4. Alba Lloves

1. José Ribeiro
2. Francisca Veselko
3. Joaquim Chaves
4. Matias Teixeira

1. Marco Mignot
2. Gonçalo Magalhães
3. Marcelo Martins
4. Salvador Couto

1. João Moreira
2. Tomas Ferreira
3. Vasco Monica
4. João André

1. João Monteiro
2. Luis Monteiro
3. Ricardo Pinho
4. Gonçalo Seabra

Source: Volcom

Author: The Editors

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