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Prince William pays the price for dropping in on UK surfer

Prince William (center) and friends at St Andrews : photo courtesy Clarence House

Surfing with Kings:

Price William drops in and gets on the receiving on of a bit of Surf Rage.

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 22 November 2004: - - Prince William of England has taken up surfing, but revealed he had a painful introduction to the etiquette of riding the waves. The action man Prince admitted he had already broken the cardinal rule of stealing someone else's wave and paid the penalty by being whacked on the head by the angry fellow surfer.

"Surf etiquette is that when you're going for a wave, the first person on it basically takes it and you should come off," William said during an interview. "I didn't really notice what was going on around me because I was so adamant to get on the wave. Half way up this guy comes whizzing past me and hits me on the back of my head and goes, 'My Wave'," William said laughing and breaking into a low-style surfing dude voice. "I was left spluttering in the surf."

In the photo above, looking more like a star of Point Break than a future King, William strides along a beach near St Andrews carrying his surfboard under his arm flanked by two surfing pals from university. He was decked out in his new skin-tight hi-tech Xcel wet suit with which he is particularly pleased, claiming it keeps most of the ice cold water out.

Of surfing at St Andrews the prince said, "It was a bit like putting your head in a freezer when you went under water, but the wetsuit I've got is pretty good, "I couldn't feel my hands for about half an hour. After a while they get so numb." But the prince, who has been boogie boarding in Cornwall and Devon for several years, still relishes being in the sea. "There's no noise. It's just you breathing. You're in a different world with the fish."

He said of some of his other surfing mates: "I usually surf with my surf buddies. "There's one American guy who's particularly good. He keeps an eye on me."

Speaking about his new pastime and his future career as he prepares to leave university, the prince was self-deprecating and in good humour. He admitted that he was no more king of the waves than he was king of the country, but he was keen to work towards both goals.

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