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Priscilla wins the My Bikini Walk Off in PR

Pricilla Huggins - Miss Bikini Walk Off © Rip Curl

Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico
Presented by

ASP 4-Star Men's event
Jobos Beach, Puerto Rico
9 - 10 February 2013

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Local Priscilla Huggins takes out the My Bikini Walk Off

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 February, 2013 : - - Puerto Rican Priscilla Huggins took the $500.00 oversized check to win the My Bikini Walk off final at Sonido Del Mar Playa last night at the Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico. The different Rip Curl My Bikini styles featured at the Walk Off are all available at The Room.

The Rip Curl Pro Puerto Rico 4-star ASP event is running from February 9-13. Puerto Rico plays host to another marquee event at Jobo's Beach in Aguadilla. The competitors field is made up of 144 surfers, and being Puerto Rico great things are expected: great waves, passionate crowds, and world-class surfers.

Team Signing: A hand-full of Rip Curl team riders was on hand at the Tres Palmas Surf Shop during the Rip Curl Pro to tag up T-Shirts, signing Event posters and/or your forehead. Check the slideshow 

The Playing Field: Playa Jobos, Isabela

Jobos is a sweet Puerto Rican fruit with a little almond-like nut inside; it also happens to be one of PR's main and best-known venues for surfing competitions and is the de facto Surf Pueblo for the North Coast.

The '88 World Amateurs were held here, and it hosts many local contests yearly, as well as being home to the Toth and Graves' surf families. The main wave breaks right next to the small rock headland at the east end of the beach and pinwheels into the broad, sandy bay. It actually looks kinda like a pointbreak 'cause it's so down-the-line and racy, but like almost every other wave in Puerto Rico, it's really a reefbreak.

Locals take off as close to the rock as possible, making it difficult for visitors to actually get a wave. But fortunately, if you're patient and show respect -- and stay on your lineups -- you won't be disappointed. 

Jobos is also one of PR's most consistently rideable waves, as it picks up all manner of north swell and is somewhat protected from the incessant tradewinds by the rock headland. There's also a left that breaks in the middle of the beach and assorted other scattered mediocre peaks as you head west around

Source: Rip Curl

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