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Project gives retired EPS surfboards new life



Environment Updates

Resurf Project ups sustainability game for board industry

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 June, 2014 - The goal through The Resurf Project is to give a second life to retired EPS surfboards: Make new boards out of old ones. It is in fact the first board-recycling project in the world. Surfboards, stand-up paddleboards and even polystyrene body boards have, until now, gone to waste.

On top of the fact that the project contributes to the protection of the environment, The Resurf Project would help the boardriding industry be more sustainable: An industry that represents a whole lifestyle closely connected to nature and the ocean.

In order to make this unique project come to life, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched with very attractive rewards… To support the project, the company HOFF in the Basque Country offers surf / skate / snow products with exceptional prices (sunglasses, wetsuits, surfboards, SUP …).  And 100 % of the benefits are for the project!

The objective is then to collect and recycle over 1 000 boards in 2014. Several stores and surf schools in Spain and in France are willing to support the project by collecting and gathering boards during the entire process. You will find more details on the project and on all products on the crowdfunding website Ulule.

Agnés Fontan

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