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PT vs Shaun Tomson & Yater tribute hit Sacred Craft


Sacred Craft

Variety, culture & Yater tribute highlight Sacred Craft Ventura

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 April, 2010 : - - The widest category range of surfboard designs ever assembled will be on display at the Sacred Craft Consumer Surf Expo in Ventura, Ca. Long, short, no fin, 5 -fin, wide, narrow, thick, thin, old, new, wood, foam, carbon, hand shaped, molded, standup, kneeboard, handplane, you name it, the surfboard is front and center at Sacred Craft. J7, Tomo, Cooperfish, Danny Hess, Fineline, and Wegener are among the many talented craftsman, manufacturers and designers exhibiting at the expo -- a full list is below. 
"It is not fair and quite frankly rather impossible to pigeon-hole the exhibitors into any one category," said Expo Director Scott Bass. "Really the only category on display at Sacred Craft is passion; a passion that manifests itself as a cornucopia of surf design ideas with limitless synergy."
Surfboards remain at the very core of every surfers' experience and therefore at the core of Sacred Craft. However, in and around the expo are some exciting elements that are sure to stoke the large crowd expected at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.

The Tribute to the Masters Shape-off presented by US Blanks and honoring legend Renny Yater has six shapers (Todd Proctor, Wayne Rich, Matt Moore, Michel Junod, Nick Palandrani, Dennis Ryder) replicating a classic Yater Spoon. In addition, Yater has curated, along with the Surfing Heritage Foundation, a "BOARDS OF RINCON" exhibit; a chronological time-line of the boards ridden at the legendary Queen of the coast.
Transworld SURF is hosting "Surf Nerd", a trivia game show which will pit former world Champ Peter Townend (1976) against former world champ Shaun Tomson (1978) in a battle of surf trivia knowledge.
In the SurfersVillage Grotto Robb Havassy's Surf Story Project artist collective studio & gallery will present a unique array talent painting the day away. SURF STORY PROJECT book signings will take place and tons great deals on art. Next door, the lounge is running a unique short film program.
Also on tap are the seminars/panel discussion including one fiery topic, The Impact and Ethics of Standup Paddling. Tons of other stuff to see including live glassing, laminating, Young Guns of Shaping demo (featuring PacSun USA Surf Team member Andrew Doheny), art, culture, music, food, and family fun (an HD broadcast of the Masters).

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