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Pumping Portugal at your fingertips


Portugal has a temperate climate with lots of sun, and although the water is cold the waves are consistent along the coast throughout the year. 1,200 kilometers of coastline provide waves for all levels. For this and many other reasons Portugal is on the radar as a global surfing destination.

With this in mind we (me António Pedro de Sá Leal and Francisco Cipriano), produced the first bilingual guide to the best spots for surfing in mainland Portugal and on the islands. It is a 200 page guide, with 183 surf spots.

It is a comprehensive, with testimonies from several noted surfers, including the best Portuguese surfer Tiago Pires, but also from the National Tourism Board, with maps, detailed descriptions of the features of each wave and lots of good photos from André Carvalho (one of our best surf photographer) to whet the appetite of anyone thinking of doing a surf trip to Lusitanian shores.

The aim of this guide is to fill an important gap in Portugal but also internationally about the information on the waves offered in Portugal, as it is the first complete inventory of spots with good surfing conditions. The aim is also to contribute to an overall view of surf in Portugal and to establish its importance in the Portuguese economy, simply, directly and effectively promoting Portugal as a surf destination.

This is a guide for everyone, from beginners to more experienced surfers wishing to surf on the extensive Portuguese coastline.

This edition is published by Uzina Books and is being distributed in Portugal since October 2012, with a retail price of 24,90 euros. The launching was held in Peniche at World Tour Event last October. It has been a big success in Portugal. We are now ready to present it to the world outside Portugal.



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