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PV Laborde Invitational clip contest goes LIVE!

Jeremy Flores of the Red Team



PV Laborde Invitational

Four teams compete in unique video clip format

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 September, 2014 - The PV Laborde Invitational has just launched. The unique event pits four teams against each other in the dreamy beach breaks of Hossegor. The Surf Clip Battle features the likes of Jeremy Flores, Charly Martin, Maxime Huscenot, Bianca Buitendag and Micky Picon. The public is invited to check the clips and throw down a vote for the red, blue, white or yellow team.

Here are the Four teams:

- RED: Jeremy Flores (WCT member), Romain laulhe, Guillaume Mangiarotti et Justin Becret 
- WHITE: Charly Martin, Medi Veminardi, PV Laborde et Thomas Maallem
- BLUE: Maxime Huscenot, Alain Riou, Paul-Loup Laborde et Othmane Choufani 
- YELLOW: Micky Picon, Bianca Buitendag (Women WCT), Fredo Robin et Mathias Maallem 

Here's how the competition works:

1) Watch each of the four surfing clips
2) Choose (by color) which of the clips is your favorite one
3) Like, comment, and share your favorite clip on Facebook or any social media platform
4) The team who gets the highest number of votes wins the competition

From today, the 10th of September until the 25th - you have 15 days to choose your best crew.


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