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Quarterfinalists named at Red Nose Pro Junior, Brazil

Italo Ferreira © Fabriciano Junior / Red Nose
Italo Ferreira © Fabriciano Junior / Red Nose




Red Nose Pro Junior

ASP South America Pro Junior Series
Baia Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte Brasil
8 - 10 August 2014

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Competition continues in small surf | Portuguese

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 August, 2014 - Competition continued with waves in the 2-3 foot range (1 metre) on the second day of the 2014 ASP Red Nose Pro Junior at the Pontal pointbreak in Baia Formosa, Brazil. In the men’s division, seven out of the eight Quarterfinalists are from Brazil in addition to a lone Peruvian. While in the corresponding women’s division, three Brazilians and one Argentine have will face each other on the final day of competition of the 2014 ASP South America Pro Junior Series.

Once again, Italo Ferreira (BRA) displayed unmatched expertise at his home break at Pontal and once more received the day’s highest scoring waves of a 9.25 and an 8.50 for a heat total of 17.75 points in Heat 2 of Round 2.

"I think my knowledge of the break here gives me an advantage since I know where to position myself and which waves will open," expressed Italo Ferreira. "I feel confident that I’ll do well on Sunday and win this event here at home, then clinch the South America Pro Junior title at the next event in Chicama, Peru so I can fulfill my goals as a Pro Junior."

In Heat 1 of the Quarterfinals, Ferreira will face Armando Tenorio (BRA), who has been showing off his impressive air game throughout the event at the Red Nose Pro Junior.

"That was a really tough heat, but I was very focused and I knew that I’d get my chance to get a score," commented Armando Tenorio on his come from behind victory over Madson Costa (BRA) and Elivelton Santos (BRA) in Heat 2 of Round 3. "I’ve been training a lot since the beginning of the year for this event and I didn’t want to be eliminated at this stage. I was waiting for a chance to reveal my air game and I think it helped me get the score I needed to qualify into the next round."

Another young Brazilian surfer who excelled on Saturday at the 2014 ASP Red Nose Pro Junior in Baia Formosa was Deivid Silva, who was able to duplicate Italo Ferreira’s heat score of a 17.50 on his two best waves. Silva will face Victor Mendes (BRA) in Heat 4 of the Quarterfinals on Sunday.

"That heat had a lot of great waves and I was able to find two good ones that opened up and got me into the final day of competition," said Deivid Silva. "My strategy has been to watch all of Italo’s (Ferreira) heats since he’s a local here. He knows this spot really well and I’ve just been trying to replicate what he does. It’s been working so far, and even with small conditions, the waves here are really good."

When the women’s division hit the water, competition reached a high level of intensity and defined the Semifinalists for the final day of the 2014 ASP Red Nose Pro Junior.

Luara Thompson (BRA) narrowly defeated Josefina Ane (ARG) by a score of 9.55 to 9.35 respectively. Thompson will now face Larissa Santos (BRA) who also came out victorious over Marina Rezende (BRA), who has been admirable in her campaign during the ASP South America Pro Junior Series.

"That was a very difficult heat because Marina (Rezende) is such an excellent athlete, but I was able to surf well enough to win," said Larissa Santos. "I will definitely be going to the next event in Chicama since a semifinal result here is going to help me out in the rankings. But my goal is still to win the event here in Baia Formosa tomorrow (Sunday)."

In Heat 2 of the Semifinals, Lucia Cosoleto (ARG) will match up against Yanca Costa (BRA) to see who will fight for the title of the 2014 ASP Red Nose Pro Junior at the right-hand pointbreak of Pontal in Baia Formosa, Rio Grande do Norte.

The 2014 ASP South America Red Nose Pro Junior event is presented by Red Nose and is approved by the ASP South America regional office as the second event in the ASP South America Pro Junior Series. 

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