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Flores, Dane & Ando to choose next King of the Groms





Grom News

Quiksilver announces new King of the Groms video component

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 April, 2015 - Huntington Beach, California - Quiksilver announced yesterday their new and improved structure to the King of the Groms, the original cult contest in competitive junior surfing. Their goal is to level the playing field in surf within the 13 to 18 year old age group by encouraging young amateurs to display their skills via social media, revealing unknown talents and a chance to challenge their generation’s best surfers.

Following the online selection process, the public and Quiksilver’s team riders Dane Reynolds, Jeremy Flores and Craig Anderson will choose the Top 10 performers drawn from a worldwide pool of surfing youth. They will be invited to the Super Final to be held November 10th, 2015 in an undisclosed location, kept secret until the last second.

In 2015, Quiksilver will breath new life into a not to be missedevent for young surfers around the world: the King of the Groms. Over the course of almost 3 decades this competition dedicated to surfers under the age of 18, created by the leading global surf company, Quiksilver has acted as a springboard for the greatest stars of the sport today. Joel Parkinson, Gabriel Medina, John John Florence, Jeremy Flores and Matt Banting have all won the King of the Groms (ex-Quiksilver Pro Junior) during their youth and been introduced to the highest level of competitive surfing thanks to this event.


To give as many young surfers as possible the chance to make a name for themselves Quiksilver is putting on an easy access, online competition to attract as many participants as possible.

The idea: to let any young surfer, no matter where he lives on the planet, no matter what his level of experience, to show his peers what he can do on a board.

The objective: to reveal unknown talents, to put them head to head against other young surfers who’ve already earned a reputation and to offer this generation a benchmark event that will act as a stage the world’s best surfing youth to perform upon. To participate, candidates just need to film a 15-second video segment of their best wave and post it on Instagram @quiksilver followed by #kingofthegroms.


The King of the Groms judging panel, comprised of Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson and Jeremy Flores will watch all of the videos entered in the contest. Their mission will be to choose 30 surfers for the following step in the selection process.

The next round of voting by the public will narrow the field to 7 candidates who will be joined by 3 surfers selected by the 3 Quiksilver judges. Quiksilver is pulling out all the stops for the 10 finalists, hosting an actual contest at an undisclosed break.

The location will remain a secret until the last possible moment. The King of the Groms final is scheduled to take place November 10th, 2015. It will be broadcast live from an exceptional location, and feature an innovative, new competition format.

The event will be granted with $40,000 USD while the winner will take home the King of the Groms title and a check for $20,000 USD.

All of the finalists will be invited to participate in the competition with all expenses paid by Quiksilver.

How to enter?

1st step-SELECTION

From April 24th, 2015 to June 17th, 2015

Post your 15 seconds surf video to Instagram using: @quiksilver #kingofthegroms

The Top 30 will be chosen based on the following 

3 criteria: best Air, best Rail and best Combo (#kingoftheair #kingoftherail #kingofthecombo).

2nd step-final

From June 23rd to September 15th, 2015 30 surfers are selected for the final. Each one must produce a new 1 to 2 minute(s) video, to be posted on (It must be an edited clip. Music supplied by Quiksilver). This stage of the contest allows candidates to express physical as well as creative talents.

The public will select 7 surfers and the judging panel of Quiksilver pros will choose 3 others.

Their names and the Super Final location will be officially announced during the Quiksilver Pro France (October 6th to 17th) .

3rd step-super final

November 10th, 2015, after the on-line selection process, it’s time for the real action, in the water.

The last 10 surfers in the running will be flown to a destination which will remain secret until the Quiksilver Pro France (the French stop of the World Surf League) to compete in the Super Final of the King of the Groms on November 10th.

The only information available about the Super Final:

- The location will be revealed to the competitors and public during the Quiksilver Pro France

- The contest format is completely innovative

- The event will be broadcasted live and direct on

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