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Quiksilver Masters interview with Tom Carroll ....

Tom tastes the local stuff

Interview with Tom Carroll at Bundoran, Ireland.

S.W : Tom, you just surfed your first heat this morning in tough onshore conditions, but it didn’t appear to hamper your performance at all ?

T.C : Yeah, I’m pretty happy about it. It’s good to get your first heat out of the way and have a win. It’s a long haul up the mountain from here.

S.W : Have you surfed in Ireland before Tom ?

T.C : No, I’ve never surfed in Ireland before. It’s my first surf or first surf trip here in Ireland. I’ve got a good feeling for the place. It’s a beautiful country. I want to get around while I’m here. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hop in the car and take a look. I’ve got a lot of history here. I’ve got three great grandparents of Irish decent. Two great grandmothers and one great grandfather from Ireland so yeah.

S.W : I noticed this morning Tom that you’re riding a quad fin with a fairly unusual fin set up. What’s the story there ?

T.C : I’m just playing around with fins, looking for different feels in boards and stuff like that. Not going for high performance so much. I’m still going for high performance but I’m just looking for a different feeling in my boards, feeling different types of things. Trying to make a change you know, we need a change from what we’re doing. We’ve been doing the same thing for so long. There must be more to it (laughs). I always like to look at that, prospecting in some respects. Keep digging.

S.W : Thanks Tom and well done on your win.

Simon Wooton


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