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Red Bull Cape Fear event window closes for this year

Mark Mathews © Red Bull



Red Bull Cape Fear

Ours, Sydney Australia
1 June - 1 September 2015

Swells not big enough or from the right direction this season

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 September, 2015 - Red Bull Cape Fear was set to bring the top ‘slab’ riding specialist to one of the world’s most challenging and dangerous waves in Sydney, Australia. Yesterday marked the end of the official waiting period. Big wave surfer and Contest Director Mark Mathews said the optimal surf conditions never came through to give the contest the green light.

“Unfortunately, we are out of time for Red Bull Cape Fear in 2015. It was a really slow winter this year on the east coast with the majority of the biggest swells that hit being too south for Cape Fear” said contest director Mark Mathews.

About the wave: In the very bay where Captain Cook landed and settled in Australia more than two hundred years ago, Cape Fear has been the site of many a wreck - both man and craft - over the years.

An angry Pacific Ocean stirs and jerks like a mad witch's melting pot, pushing into the bay before pitching furiously on a shallow ledge so sharp is has the Gillette scientists baffled. Within a matter of seconds a 10-foot slab is formed and races towards a cliff-face just metres ahead before imploding on itself and anyone who dares attempt ride it.

"Pound for pound, Cape Fear is the heaviest and most dangerous wave in the world," says big wave surfer and one of the brains behind the concept, Mark Mathews.


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