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Carissa Moore featured in latest Red Bull ad campaign

The youngest world champ Carissa Moore © Red Bull



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Carissa Moore gets personal for new Red Bull ad campaign

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 April, 2014 - World champion surfer Carissa Moore is among a select group of Red Bull athletes and artists to be featured in their own spot complementing the latest World of Red Bull advertising campaign.

An emotional and moving telling of Carissa's story - from training with a demanding coach who is also her best friend and father, to the roller coaster of emotions from being surfing's youngest ever world champion and then fighting for a major come-back, and how an unconventional motivation finally helped her breakthrough.  

Last month, Pharrell's brand new “Come Get It Bea” track set the background for the new TV commercial highlighting the larger-than-life world of Red Bull and the brand’s many sports, music and culture playgrounds – from cliff divers, kayakers and motocrossers to visual and recording artists and B-Boys.

The world of Red Bull is cemented in giving wings to people and ideas – pushing the boundaries of human potential. To complement the ad, in-depth stories of Red Bull athletes and innovative artists are showcased - including Carissa's story.

The World of Red Bull campaign runs now through the end of June.

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