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Red Bull Rivals: South Shore victors over North Shore.

South Shore team were the victors : photo Zak Noyle/Red Bull photofiles

Red Bull Rivals

South Shore victorious over North Shore at Red Bull Rivals

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 September, 2009 : - - On Saturday, September 5, more than 3,000 people in Hawaii took to the beach to root for their team at Red Bull Rivals. The event pitted Oahu’s two legendary shores (North Shore and South Shore) against each other in a head-to-head surf competition for the ultimate island bragging rights. To keep things fair, the event was held on the Eastside of Oahu at Sandy Beach (neutral territory). Teams competed for a territory advantage in next year’s competition and the losing team had to give the winning team their surfboards (similar to 'racing for pink slips').

A “ringer” was allowed to be a part of each team and did not have to be disclosed until day of competition (this could be any surfer from anywhere in the world). The North Shore team brought in World Surfing Champion Derek Ho and the South Shore enlisted famed "sandy beach local" Kolea Fukumitsu

The competition was tight, as an early lead by the South Shore seemed to crumble when the North Shore went on a 13-4 point run, but the South ultimately held strong and took the win.




All photos Zak Noyle/Red Bull phtofiles - click images to enlarge


In a display of goodwill, Team Captains Jason Shibata (South) and Kalani Robb (North) decided that the loser's surf boards would be auctioned off and the money donated to several local Oahu charities.

North shore's Mason Ho took MVP honors(and scored skydiving lessons with the Red Bull Air Force) after winning back to back heats and knocking out his competition with a combination of 360's and aerial maneuvers. Judges included: KaiBorg Garcia, Dave Riddle, Brock Little and Jason Hackman.

South Shore (Town):
Jason Shibata
Kekoa Cazimero
Jun Jo
Nick Mita
Dustin Cuizon
Randall Paulson
Kolea Fukumitsu - ringer (sandy beach local)
Ezekiel Lau
Keanu Asing
Isiah Moniz
Carissa Moore

North Shore (The Country):
Jamie O'Brien
Derek Ho - Ringer(famous Hawaiian Surfer)
Mason Ho
Sean Moody
Kalani Robb
TJ Barron -replaced flynn novak
Makua Rothman
Sol Ortiz - replaced pancho sullivan
Sheldon Paishon
Kalani David
Aleesa Quizon


All photos Zak Noyle/Red Bull phtofiles   

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