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Reef line celebrates 30 years of sandals (and butts)



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Smoothy sandal the centerpiece of the 30th Anniversary Collection

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 5 March, 2014 - Carlsbad - Reef turns 30 this year and will celebrate with a throwback capsule collection in the Spring 14 line, highlighting key products from its three-decade history. Reef was born out of an idea by Fernando and Santino Aguerre, the business savvy brothers from South America, to create a high-quality active lifestyle sandal.

They moved to Southern California in the early 1980s and started Reef on a passion for surfing and about $4,000 of working capital. The Aguerre brothers set up production in Sao Palo Brazil in 1984, where they produced the “Smoothy,” the iconic sandal that put Reef on the map and has remained a staple in the Reef line ever since. 

“We decided to do sandals first, because while we were not footwear industry individuals, as both flat-footed people, my brother and I were very interested in making quality sandals with arch support that would sell at a reasonable price. Of course, the ultimate goal was to make a decent living, while staying close to the oceans and the waves we love,” explains Reef co-founder, Fernando Aguerre. 

The Smoothy is the centerpiece of the 30th Anniversary Collection. The Spring 14 version will feature the original ‘Reef Brazil Authentic Surf Sandals’ logo hit and nylon webbing detail indicative of that era. 

The Reef Leather Smoothy


The Reef Leather Smoothy, another long standing fan-favorite, will round out the collection alongside a special throwback 30th Anniversary Ginger on the Women’s Footwear side. For years women had bought the Men’s Smoothy before the line was specifically altered for women in 1999. The Ginger is a slender version with feminine colors on the strap and is still a top seller around the world. It also highlights Reef’s commitment to comfort with EVA outsole, anatomical arch support and soft nylon webbing. 

“Woven straps are part of our brand heritage,” says Kelley Bruemmer, Director of Merchandising at Reef. “We are excited to offer the Ginger and Smoothy in fun, throwback colors that exude the classic Reef DNA.” 

Reef will round out the collection with a t-shirt and two boardshorts in washed out 80s colorways and Reef retro logo. The Reef Hilo View boardshort features classic horizontal stripes. The Calm Waters speaks to Reef’s pure surf culture heritage, with oversized palm print. Both have redemptive Vintage stretch of 60 percent recycled polyester. 

The Reef Spring 2014 Mens Apparel line is available at retailers worldwide. The 30th Anniversary collection will have an MSRP of $23-$50.

Chelsea Rauhut

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