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Health Update: SurfAid project through Nias and beyond



Humanitarian Updates

Nias Monitoring Visit Reveals Further Decline in Mortality Rates

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 14 January, 2017 - SurfAid and Dr. Dave Jenkins have worked over the past few years to bring basic health necessities to people in the Mentawai and nearby areas. The group has helped through mosquito netting programs, cleanwater projects and educational campaigns, as such SurfAid has helped improve the health of the people living in this wave-rich area.

The latest accomplishment is their Sick Waves Healthy Villages campaign which raised funds for their Mother and Child Health Program.

Dr. Dave brings the surf community up to date on the work with his latest blog below...

It was a dream of scoring sick waves that drew me to Indo and a dream of healthy villages that compelled me to stay. After 16 years of working in some of the world’s most remote communities, these dreams are coming true.

I'm proud to share that thanks to you, the #SickWavesHealthyVillages campaign not only meet our goal of raising $50,000 – you exceeded that goal! Together you raised an astounding $73,000 for our Mother and Child Health Program. Thank you!

These funds will save the lives of mom’s and babies and expand to help even more remote communities. The stoke doesn’t stop there either!

On a recent monitoring visit to Nias with SurfAid Country Director Anne Wuijts and our partners at Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT,) it was reported that the maternal mortality rates have remained at zero and childhood mortality has dropped from 6 to 1.

This is a drastic reduction from the rates at the start of program implementation just three years ago. Initially, an average of 8 mothers, and 22 children under the age of 5, were dying each and every year.

While we surfed Lagundri Bay, this was the reality for the families living in the villages. The amount of lives being saved is incredible. And it could not be accomplished without your support.

On behalf of the entire SurfAid team, thank you for your support and for helping our SurfAid families.  Wishing you a happy new year filled with some sick waves of your own.


Dr. Dave


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