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Remote Indo communities rely on the Posyandu health post



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Surf Aid helps community members make use of the new Posyandu in Parado

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 28 November, 2017 - In SurfAid’s remote communities, the Posyandu (community health post) is the only provider for basic health services and information. It is the meeting place for the local health volunteers (Kader’s) who play a critical role in improving the maternal and child health in their community. Ibu Nurmah lives in the extremely remote village of Prado. Despite being awarded funding from the local government, the community had struggled to find a location to build a permanent Posyandu.

The services had been rotating from someone’s porch, to under a mango tree and the lack of consistency was challenging. The expectant mothers needed privacy for their health checks and the open-air meetings were difficult during the rainy season.
A solution appeared in the form of Ibu Nurmah. As the head of Kader’s in her community, she experienced firsthand the difficulties that came without having a secure location. Ibu Nurmah had land next to her house, and with no urgent plans for use, she decided to donate it for the sake of her community.

The entire community of Parado was inspired by the SurfAid focus on community health and behaviour change and they worked together to build their Posyandu. The building is complete and is located centrally next to one of the area schools.  When Ibu Nurmah was asked about her generous gift she simply stated, “We want our services for the mothers and children to be as good as possible. We want a place where we can keep our equipment and always have our patient administration in order. Now our Posyandu is so much better, we have a permanent place, and our hope is that we can soon achieve the status of Posyandu Mandiri (the highest level).”

With the Posyandu complete, focus is being placed on establishing regular trainings and provisions for the community. “Now we even have health monitoring booklets in stock. So anytime we have new pregnant women in the village, we can give this booklet to them. Families with children under five also receive health monitoring booklets if they don’t have any medical recording books or a growth monitoring card.” This is because of SurfAid. They gave us enough materials to effectively run a Posyandu.”

SurfAid prides itself of empowering people to make positive behaviour change. Partners like Ibu Nurmah show the difference that can be made when working together.


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