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Rest In Peace: Duct Tape surfer Pascale Honore passes




Pascale's Duct Tape surfing video inspired millions

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 September, 2015 - Duct Tape surfer Pascale Honore has passed away due to medical complications reports Surfing Life Australia.

Pacale became known globally when her son’s friend Tyron Swan Duct Taped her to his back and took her surfing for the first time since a car crash damaged her spinal cord.

“Both my sons surf so I always have gone along to watch and I’ve always loved the water," Pascale said in an earlier interview. “I was always talking about good it would be to go surfing, and one day a friend of my son said ‘you know what, I think we could tape you onto my back and take you out there.”

The video, produced by Mark Tipple, went viral, winning accolades on Vimeo and all over the internet.

Pascale Honore loved to surf. She was 52 years of age.

"I remember looking up, the colour, the sound, being part of everything, being part of the water, I can't find words to explain it. It's shown me you can still have a dream and things are possible... concentrate on the positive in life." – Pascale Honore


Duct Tape Surfing from Mark Tipple on Vimeo.

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