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Ridebro sustainable sandal line seeks public funding



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Ridebro Seeks Startup Funding For Line of Sustainable Sandals

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 June, 2014 - Boca Raton, Florida - Ridebro, a start-up shoe manufacturer, seeks investors to fund the initial production run of the company's hand-made, sustainable men's DUDE sandals. The high-quality beach sandals feature a durable leather upper and soles made from reclaimed automobile tires. 

"Our innovative DUDE sandals take the finest leather and combine it beautifully with a manufactured product that is notoriously difficult to recycle or discard," says Estefania Alamo, Ridebro's project director. "Each year, more than 1 billion automobile tires are left in landfills or stockpiled in dumps. Old tires don't break down, and they pose serious health and safety hazards, especially when they are allowed to burn." 

"Making beautiful, sustainable wearable products isn't enough," says Alamo. "The craftsmen at our Peruvian production facility bring the unmistakable quality of hand-made items to our product line." Alamo also says that the company has verified that the production facility complies with all local employment laws and the company's environmental policies.

We hope to complete the initial funding for our DUDE line by mid-July, and expect to be able to ship the product by late August” says Alamo." The company's 2014 Men's Summer Collection features three different styles in US sizes from 8-13, and UK sizes from 7-12. Some half-sizes are also available. 

Interested investors can see the entire Ridebroproject, and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign by visiting the company's website at Investors who pledge at least $55 can select a pair of Ridebro DUDE sandals from the first production run of 100 pairs. Investors at the $500 level will receive a fully customized pair of DUDE sandals, and investors of $3,000 will receive a limited edition Ridebropaddleboard and the complete line of Ridebro DUDE sandals.

Check the campaign here

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