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The Right in West Australia delivers

Chris Ross © Spencer Hornby

Big Wave Updates

Underground West Australia charger scores giant wave

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 31 October, 2012 : - - One of the latest entries in Surfing Life’s Oakley Big Wave Awards sums up the essence of this prestigious competition – commitment, daring, suspense – and, of course, one really big wave. 'This was my first trip to this wave and it was everything I had dreamed of,' explains respected East Coast surf photographer, Spencer Hornby, of the West Coast location where this big wave session went down.

“When we turned up on the skis, it was small – basically not even breaking – and pretty worrying because it’s such a trek down and out to get there,” Spencer continues, “The sets can take so long to show up over there. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, they just come in and start marching at you… That first set was probably the most incredible things that I have seen in years!”

Underground charger and all-round mad man, West Australian Chris Ross, put in a huge effort at the perilously heavy wave, located miles offshore, known only as The Right.


                                                       Chris Ross © Spencer Hornby

Frequented by large Great White Sharks and unpredictable rogue waves, Ross showed absolutely no fear, playing with the huge walls of water and thrusting himself into contention for the Biggest Slab Award at the wave which has seen him nominated twice before.

His daredevil feats definitely didn’t go unnoticed by the camera or the photographer either, “By the end of the session he had become one of my favourite surfers – just fearless and toying with those things!”

Will Chris Ross’s heroics be rewarded? Or will an even crazier surfer take the prize?  With only three months remaining in the waiting period for other surfers to step up and lay claim to the massive $30,000 in prize money and the prestige that comes with tackling the biggest waves that Mother Nature throws at them, the judging panel continue to be blown away by entries from big wave chargers – both underground Australian’s and international big wave superstars – that continue to push the boundaries of big surfing year in year out.


                                                   Chris Ross © Spencer Hornby 

Source: Surfing Life

Author: Ryan Jones

Tags: Surfing Life’s Oakley Big Wave Awards, Chris Ross, Spencer Hornby

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