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Rina Kitazawa triumphs on Day 1 of Hello Pacitan event

Rina Kitazawa and friends © ASC





Hello Pacitan 2016 “Flaming of the Sea” 

Asian Surfing Championships Grade 2 Men’s Division
Asian Surfing Championships Grade 1 Women’s Division
Pancer Beach, Pacitan, East Java
16 - 20 ​August, 2016

Kitazawa edges out Indonesia's Taina Izquierdo

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 August, 2016 - Japan’s Rina Kitazawa claimed the ASC Women’s Division win today over Indonesia’s Taina Izquierdo in a closely contested final on Day One of the ASC sanctioned Hello Pacitan 2016 “Flaming of the Sea” event in Pacitan, East Java.

This was Rina’s first ever trip to Pacitan, and she was both surprised and ecstatic with her victory.  “I feel like it was a great win for me, because it was so hard out there today!” she said. “From my first heat against Giada, she is so good I really thought I lost to her, and then to win against Pua in the semi’s, it was a lucky day for me.”

When asked about her performance in the final, she replied, “In the final it was hard to hear the scores because of the wind, and I saw how good Taina was surfing all day, so when I came in to the beach I thought she had won, because she was in the lead and I didn’t know if my last wave score was good enough or not to win.  I will sleep really good tonight, I’m so tired!  The sand bar was really nice today, even better than yesterday…this wave is so good!”

Runner up Taina Izquierdo from Bali wasn’t too disappointed with her result, and admitted she was challenged, saying, “It was hard out because every time I’d catch a wave I’d have to paddle so far back out to the was hard to even catch my breath.  There were so many waves it was kind of like a wave pool.  Most of the waves were good but I just needed to choose the ones that walled up perfectly and I only got one of those.  This place is so pretty and the wave is so fun, I wish this wave was in Bali!

Momon, president of the Pacitan Surf Club that is running the surfing contest part of the Hello Pacitan event, was delighted to be seeing such great competition from the international women in the event.  “That was an amazing final!  The waves were really good, we had great conditions, and everybody seems really happy. I’m very proud that we could host this event and that we can have an ASC sanctioned contest here in Pacitan.  I’m hoping that we can get more government support and continue to have events like this every year,” he said.

After an overnight rain, the Pancer Door rivermouth sandbar was offering up nicely shaped 2-3 foot consistent waves in various shades of milk-diluted coffee, making for a great start to the three-day competition that includes the Pacitan Geopark Fair with culinary, cultural and music exhibitions, beach volleyball and football competitions, a 5k marathon, beach cleaning, and a cracking awarding night with many kinds of live music, which runs through the 21st of August.

A total of 8 women from countries including Indonesia, Japan, Argentina, and Taiwan took to the water after a traditional Pacitan version of Indonesia’s Independence Day celebration to compete for ASC Women’s Division championship points and their share of the Rp 25 million (approximately $2,000 USD) on offer.

The ASC Men’s Division also saw action today with the first four rounds were run between the Women’s semifinals and their final. 

Tomorrow’s plan is to run the remaining 4 heats of Round 1 in the Men’s Division and the complete Round 2, which will be man-on-man, starting at around 11:30 am after the official Grand Opening ceremony of the Hello Pacitan event that is scheduled for 10:00 – 11:30 am.

ASC Women’s Division Results

1.  Rina Kitazawa (JPN)
2.  Taina Izquierdo (INA)
3.  (Equal) Puanani Johnson (INA/USA) and Kailani Johnson (INA/USA)

Rina Kitazawa, Day 1, Hello Pacitan 2016 “Flaming of the Sea”, ASC, Contest, Asia
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