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Rip Curl Challenge fires in big Hossegor

Stiff offshores helped launch several competitors



Rip Curl Challenge Hossegor "La Nord"

France hosts the famous big beachbreak event in late December

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 2 January, 2014 - Rip Curl ran its famed big-wave event in Hossegor recently. The Rip Curl Challenge Hossegor requires a minimum 3 meters to run and has a wait period extending from December through January.

Fifty competitors, pre-selected by their surf club, descended on Hossegor to be part of the contest. La Nord is the XL wave of the "Landes" coast, one of the most technically challenging spots and probably the most powerful to boot. Vincent Duvignac edged out Nelson Cloarec and Floris Figues to claim victory in the heaving barrels.

1. Vincent Duvignac
2. Nelson Cloarec
3. Floris Figues

Biggest Wave: Duvignac
Best Wipe-out: Marc Mares



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