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Rip Curl Cup trials hits yellow alert button

Padang Padang © Rip Curl/Mick Curley




Rip Curl Cup

Rip Curl Cup Padang-Padang Trials
Padang Padang, Bali Indonesia
14th to 30th June, 2013

Swell Approaches, Expect Green Light Tomorrow

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 June, 2014 - Kuta-Bali:  The massive purple blob swirling out of the deep Indian Ocean and heading for Bali is predicted to start unloading some long green barrels on to the Padang-Padang reef this afternoon, signaling a yellow alert for the 24 amped surfers who are on standby waiting for the start of the Rip Curl Cup 2014 Trials. 

According to Surfline, the official swell forecaster for the Rip Curl Cup: 

“A strong, long period southwest swell will build into Bali Thursday afternoon/evening and continue Friday from a storm that recently plowed across both the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean. At it’s strongest the storm produced wind speed of 40-50 knots and wave heights of nearly 40 feet while maintaining a favorable track toward Indonesia.

We expect to see long period forerunners of this new swell build throughout the afternoon on Thursday the 19th, with a peak in swell Friday morning the 20th. Face sizes at Padang-Padang are expected to be in the 6-8 with occasional 10’+ range Friday morning on the low/incoming tide and peaking swell. Local wind conditions also look favorable with building ESE trades.”

Sounds like the perfect formula for an epic Trials day at Padang-Padang! 

The 24 local trials have been notified to stand by, as Rip Curl Contest Director and Marketing Manager James Hendy will be monitoring the swells arrival and keeping the surfers and the contest crew informed.  If the swell should arrive earlier than expected, it’s possible that there will be some action this afternoon, as with the often fickle nature of Padang-Padang every opportunity must be taken to get this wave at its best. It’s ON When it’s ON! so you gotta get out there! 

But the indicators all point to an early morning start tomorrow for the Trials, as the tide will be low early and rising to a mid day high, so the surfers and crew will be at Padang-Padang at sunrise in preparation for a 7 am start to the Rip Curl Cup 2014 Trials. 

Tim Hain

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