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Rip Curl GPS watch data reveals fastest boards and more


Rip Curl GPS watch data analysed from the community 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 August, 2015 - The revolutionary new Rip Curl Search GPS watch and app lets you track your wave count, top speeds, session time and distance paddled and after collecting the data for months, Rip Curl have released the data.

Press Release: For the first time the SearchGPS has let us see the speeds we reach when we’re on a wave. And now, with months of global data collected, it’s possible to see who actually surfs the fastest, how we rate against the Pro’s and which boards go faster.

The data shows that three of the top four fastest boards are quad fin setups. And the fastest average speed of all the regions comes from Indonesia at 23.17 km/h (14.39 mi/h).

When it comes to tracking down waves, not many have been as committed as Timmy Turner. Jetsetting across the globe for the "Swell of the Century", Timmy arrived at his favorite Indonesian reef pass at just the right time. With his SearchGPS watch, Timmy set personal records while documenting them at the same time.


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