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Rip Curl launches the Tom Curren store in Santa Barbara


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Tom Curren Rip Curl store opens in Santa Barbara

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 April, 2008 : - - Fluid, pure, natural, iconic, and legend are all terms that come to mind when the name Tom Curren is announced.  This reputation was built over the years as Tom made his presence felt throughout the surfing world. Curren has become the iconic figure truly embodying the Searcher, in turn making him the perfect person to showcase as an ambassador of the Rip Curl brand.
What better way for Rip Curl to show this than creating the Tom Curren Rip Curl store?  Right in the heart of Tom’s hometown of Santa Barbra CA, the store sits on State Street among hundreds of other retail stores, but it was on Saturday March 29th that this store had a different felling about it.  With more than sixty of Toms close friends and family, Rip Curl employees, media and fellow surfers alike gathered to give tribute to a man whose impact on surfing will never fade.  

The store was littered with monuments of Tom’s accomplishments over the years, a Tom Curren signature shown clear on his board hung above the heads of those in the store, and the memorable movie, Curren; Tails To Title played on the five surrounding screens. 

After some time of enjoying a couple beverages and some catered Wahoo’s, Marketing Director, Dylan Slater of Rip Curl grabbed the microphone to thank those who came and introduce Kelly Gibson, President of Rip Curl USA, to say a few words in honor of the occasion.

“We are so stoke to have the opportunity for Tom to move forward in an ever developing relationship with Rip Curl,” Gibson pronounced to the group surrounding him, “And with the strong history over the years there is no doubt in my mind Tom will bring great thinks to the Santa Barbra area through his Rip Curl store.”  Following Kelly, Tom came forward to show his gratitude to the company as he spoke to his supporters.

“I was first sponsored by Rip Curl when I was 15, that was back in 1979 here in Santa Barbra at the Channel Island store.  I was super pumped, Claw had come up to meet me, it’s just one of those times in your life you always remember. Something special kind of like here at this store today.” Tom’s speech seemed to reach to everyone in the store showing his commitment to the Rip Curl Family he has been such a big part of for so ling.

Directly following the Grand Opening party at the Store the crowed headed up State Street to the Stateside Restaurant and Bar, where the private party joined the public as everyone rocked throughout the night to Tom and his band.  

Rip Curl could not have asked for a better way to celebrate Tom Curren and all he has brought to the company and surfing as a whole over the years.  Tom will live on as a legend, an icon, a hero to all those who know him and his accomplishments in surfing.  The Tom Curren Rip Curl represents a lasting bond in the surfing world.

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