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Rip Curl Pro Stamina 3-Star preps for Argentina

Heitor Alves © Aquashot/ASP





Rip Curl Pro Stamina

ASP 3-Star
Playa Grande, Mar del Plata, Argentina
16 - 20 April, 2014

Mar del Plata amps for ASP 3-Star Qualifying event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 April, 2014 - Mar del Plata / Argentina (Tuesday, April, 01, 2014) - The ASP 3-Star Rip Curl Pro Stamina will be held for the second year straight in Mar del Plata and there are already 98 people enrolled, including important national and international figures. It will take place during the Easter holidays, from April 16th to April 20th , with music shows, parties and other sporting demos.

There are just two weeks to go until we can once again enjoy the best surfing competition in our country with de ASP 3-Star Rip Curl Pro Stamina, the ASP three stars event that will begin April 16th at Playa Grande, Mar del Plata. And with each passing day, a major new swell surfer scores for the level and promises to be superior to the already very good 2013.

Of the 103 people registered so far (full quota expected: 128), at least 20 are top quality, something very important for a tournament that will award US$ 55,000 in prizes and points for the world ranking.

Heitor Alves, a Brazilian who was already in the elite (the top 34 that compete in the WCT), and today is 29th in the ranking, is the leader of the Brazil´s army, followed by Ian Gouveia (40º). David do Carmo, who finished in 3rd place last year at Mar del Plata, jumped quality to be crowned the 2013 Brazilian champion and now surprises us with his ranking of 16th place.

Tomas Hermes, winner of the Portugal´s Prime in 2013, emerges as candidate like Jihad Khodr, the last champion here. Paulo Moura, Matheus Navarro (2º in Mar del Plata in 2013), Hizunome Bettero, Halley Batista, Marco Fernandez y Flavio Nakagima will try to surprise everyone and will fight for the trophy, like the Chilean Guillermo Satt.

United States will have two important participants such as Jake Halstead, American junior champion and the Hawaiian Mitsui. Europe will be represented by the Basque Ethan Egiguren and Paul Distinguin, from France. The South African David Van Zyl is someone to pay attention to and the Japanese Shun Murakami will show his unique style. From Australia, cradle of surfers, there will be four participants, commanded by Nathan Hedge, ex WCT.

The main Argentinian competitors will be Lele Usuna (62º) and Santiago Muñiz (63º), who have both performed brilliantly against the best in recent tournaments. The National Army will be completed with Lucas Santamaría, Marcelo Rodriguez (semifinalists in 2013) and the eternal Martin Passeri, among others.

The event will last five days and it´s gonna be more than competitions and surf. The night Expression Session will be awesome, with the competitors surfing with just the light of the lightning tower.Two news sports are going to be showcased throughout the contest.

The first of which is the Flyboard, a discipline that consists in using a jet ski that lets you propel through hoses, under water and up to 12 meters high. The other is the Slickeline, which is a balancing activity that uses a tape attached to two fixed points for doing tricks.

There will also be skate demo, live DJs, concerts, parties and a Fan Zone with sponsor’s tents to the public. The icing on the cake is the presence of sports and artistic figures participating in the shows and even surfing. Each day the Rip Curl Pro Stamina becomes more attractive.

Julian Mozo / Tomas Marco Del Pont

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