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River Surfing/Endless wave on the St Lawrence, Hang dix

St Lawrence River surfing : photo Ken Aiken

River Surfing

Endless Surf on the St. Lawrence

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 7 October, 2005 : - - Some people spend their entire lives searching for the perfect wave, the perfect ride, the perfect moment, and now surfers from Montreal are claiming the search is over. Corran Addison, river surfer and champion kayaker, discovered the lone 6-foot high standing wave on the St. Lawrence River that can be surfed forever. Although it’s not on a tropical beach, it’s a wave that never breaks, and that’s something the ocean can never offer.

“You must spend two hours at the beach to catch 60 seconds of surfing, while two hours at the river provides about 10 minutes of ride time,” Addison calculates. “A 10-minute ride on a river wave equates to catching about 20 ocean waves, about a week’s worth of beach time. When one river ride equals a week’s worth of ocean time, a single month on the river is therefore equivalent to more than a year in the ocean. And,” he concludes, “as any athlete knows, the more you practice, the better you get.”

The St. Lawrence isn't the only river in Quebec you can ride. A wave forms in the Chambly rapids on the Richelieu River between mid-April and mid-May -- but that's cold surfing. Another can be found on the Gatineau River near Quebec City. Then there's the Maverick in the Lachine rapids of Montreal, but locating it in the massive white water is nearly impossible, and it's incredibly dangerous. "The consequences of a mistake are dire," says Addison. "There are bad whirlpools, underwater caves you can be swept into, re-circulating hydraulics, no landmarks, and it's 500 meters from shore."

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