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Board Design: Rob Machado and the Almond Butter






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The Almond Butter fullfils the gap between High performance & Alt Craft boards

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 1 July, 2016 - In this latest episode of Shred Show with Chris Grow, Rob Machado talks about the Almond Butter, a hybrid board he made with his friends at Firewire. The board is a versatile hybrid that Rob designed to be the perfect mix between a sensitive shortboard with tight turning capacity and a fast, easy-in-the-flats fish.

So many of you were excited by last week's episode with Justin Cote that I skipped about 10 steps and went to Rob Machado.

I can't believe he's on Shred Show. And with a history of appearing in real media from Surfer to Vogue to even having a character in Sony Picture's 'Surf's Up' - I bet he can't believe he ended up here either.

This one is worth watching until the end. My favorite moments happen after the 12:50 mark.

How did it go? Why?



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