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R.O.L.E. Foundation partners up to clean Uluwatu

Mark Richards at Uluwatu © Jason Childs





Environment Updates

R.O.L.E. Foundations successfully puts project into action

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 12 March, 2014 - The Local Uluwatu Balinese Community of around 5,000 people is depending on the Uluwatu Surf break and surrounding area through surfing tourism to support their livelihood.

There are over 50 structures in this area, which includes local restaurants, surf and apparel shops, villas, tour sales offices, and restroom facilities.

These local businesses plus many outside businesses such as tour operators, food and beverage suppliers, hotels all depend on the over 30,000 surfing and non surfing visitors to the area per month.
There is a 5-kilometer river or runoff system that enters a cave that flows out into the surf break. To gain access to the surf spot you must go into the river system and down through the cave to the beach and line up.
The area had become unworkable and unlivable with solid waste accumulating to over 50 tons on the riverbank. Turning the area into a poor smelling and waste festering nightmare, getting worse with everyday. Of course many thousand tons of solid waste had been flushed down the river, into the cave and out to sea over the 40 or so surfing years prior.

The liquid waste had drenched the rocks in the river and cave with a type of thick toxic slime. The smell was immense, dripping from the roof and sides of the cave. Furthermore, the hygienic situation suffered under tourist and locals that refused to use the restrooms, provided by Gus Foundation.

This caused excrement’s to be all over the bushes causing an immense additional smell. The hygienic grievance caused complaints from surfers and swimmers that suffered from E-coli and other infections.
Goals and Objectives
·       Clean up the area.
·       Put in place a solid waste management and infrastructure system
·       Design and construct a liquid waste catchment and filtration system
·       Train up and hand over to a local committee to manage
Call to Action
In September 2009 local residents called for help and a committee was put together. The committee consisted of Role Foundation, Gus Foundation,
Eco Bali Waste Management Company, Local residents and Surf Companies.
It was decided that:
·       Role Foundation would manage the project
·       Gus Foundation would provide 3 staff for solid waste collection  
·       Eco Bali would transport the solid waste collection and it’s legal disposal
·       Julianus/JNR Engineering & Steve Palmer would take care of liquid waste design
·       Committee to raise funds
Implementation by Role
Role Foundation provided weekly management of the project for 24 months with assistance from Gus Foundation, Eco Bali, JNR Engineering and financed raised by the committee plus Rip Curl.

•    Initial clean up of between of 50-80 tons of accumulated garbage with Eco Bali
•    Design and Construction and Finance of Solid Waste Bins. Construction of a 9-meter and 3 meter-segmented bins with metal rat proof lids
•    Purchase and placement of bins for every building
            Large restaurants receive 2 bins (one for organic, one for in-organic rubbish)
•    Introduction of solid waste management system with Gus Foundation.
•    Water testing every 3-months. The most valuable milestone.
•    Engagement with Cooking Oil Collection Foundation
•    Engage and oversee of Surveying No. 1
•    Engage and oversee of Surveying No. 2
•    Engage and Manage up to 25 meetings for the design of Liquid Waste System, by JNR Engineering with Steve Palmer.
•    Accounts payable and keeping financials and get audited monthly.
•    Setting up of Website, Facebook and Monthly Newsletters. Interview and General Media
•    Initial application to make Uluwatu a National Surf Reserve
•    Hand over to local committee
The Solid Waste Management system decreased some of land based diseases and illnesses that were spread, through rats, mosquitos, wild dogs, air born germs and contamination.

The amount of solid waste has dropped radically leading to fewer plastic in the surf line up, an overall cleaner surf and the cosmetic situation in general has enhanced tremendously. Complaints about disgusting smells have decreased through the removal of the rubbish.

The collection of used Cooking Oil Liquid waste lead also to smell reduction and an improvement in cleanliness. These steps helped to develop a less polluted and more attractive Uluwatu for tourists and the local community.

Note: the finance and construction of the Waste water and liquid waste drainage and storage and filtration plant is still to be completed, which will take away the balance of the smell and pollution. The Eco Surf Rescue: Uluwatu program has been officially handed over to the Project Clean Uluwatu / local Committee.

Though this was a successful project for Role Foundation, it was not carried out alone. Having a professional committee, partnering up with like-minded foundations, companies and individuals, and most importantly having the local community 100% behind this project was vital to its success

Tim Hain

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