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The Ross & Tom Show: RCJ opens up...

Tom Carroll and Ross Clarke-Jones

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Heroes By Nature interviews the enigmatic Ross Clarke-Jones

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 August, 2013 : - - Big wave surfing legend Ross Clarke-Jones has conquered some of the world’s biggest waves. At the age of 47, he continues to pursue huge swells in sites across the globe and his exploits have been captured in the remarkable ‘Storm Surfers 3D’. HEROES BY NATURE talked to RCJ about real-life heroics, looking without leaping and capturing a wave in 3D…

What’s the appeal of ‘HEROES BY NATURE’ to you?
RCJ: “I think the concept is really cool and exciting. It brings together all types of different radical people who have one thing in common... using nature to satisfy their addiction. Whether it’s the ocean, the snow, the sky, the rocks, the mountains, the ramps, tracks or hills, everybody gets their froth on. They all have the same kind of brain that squirts out a feeling of total excitement and satisfaction.”

What makes a hero for you?
RCJ: “My heroes are the guys and girls out there just doing it, whether there’s a camera on them or not.”

Aside from the stunning action, Storm Surfers 3D is very much a film about your friendship with Tom Carroll…
RCJ: “Yeah, it’s because we’re so different from each other. I tend to jump off everything without looking first. Tom is more calculated. Some sports psychologists actually did a test on both of us. We had to jump off a 30ft diving board into these frothing bubbles that were supposed to break our fall below. Tom stood at the diving board, measured everything up and went in like an Olympic diver. I just ran in full tilt, boat peddling with my arms, I missed the target and landed hard on my arse.”

This is the first surf documentary to film with 3D technology, was it a tricky movie to make?
RCJ: “We always wanted to make a spontaneous shoot in 3D. We didn’t know if it could be done, the technology wasn’t really there - they had to make these cameras as they went along. The tech crew built the filming equipment out of essentially a Meccano set. It’s hard to get the perfect shot in 3D, especially when someone says ‘Do that again’. You can’t, once a wave has gone, it’s gone forever.”

What’s it like being in the middle of a big wave?
RCJ: “It sounds like a jet, a 747, when a big wave crashes. Well, I’ve never stood behind a jet, but you know that sound when you’re close to an airport? You just get spat out. All the air shuts down and you get thrown out. With waves that big when you’re inside, it’s like a big mirror. The whole wave just lights up and there are reflections everywhere.”

Source: Heroes by Nature

Author: Jennifer Imig/Abigail Green

Tags: Heroes by Nature, Storm Surfers, Ross Clarke-Jones

Film: Surfersvillage


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