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Safeguards for ocean water-quality likely to disappear





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What does the restructuring of the EPA mean to beaches in the USA?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 26 June, 2017 - Surfrider Foundation announced today a campaign for concerned beach goers and surfers to contact their local representatives to voice concern over changes to water quality protection.

The Trump Administration’s changes to the Environmental Protection Agency have raised red flags to many environmental groups. According to a recent report at Quartz, the new administration plans to drastically reduce the EPA’s power by limiting funds for the agency.

On the heels of these events Surfrider has asked that people contact representatives to voice opposition to changes to existing water-protection programs.

“The President’s budget outline proposes a drastic 24% reduction in funding for the Environmental Protection Agency, including the total elimination of some programs such as EPA-led climate initiatives,” Surfrider said in a statement. “Funding for water quality testing through the BEACH Act grants will also likely face complete elimination. That puts your health, and the health of over 100 million people who visit U.S. beaches annually, at risk.”

As it stands currently, cities and communities are held to clean water standards for outflow and sewage discharge. Without government agencies to enforce water quality violations, many coastal areas would be left unregulated.

“We depend on the EPA’s continued ability to enforce environmental safeguards to ensure that our health, environment and even our economic livelihoods are protected,” Surfrider added.


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