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Sanded Australia launches epoxy/acrylic resin called Surfset



Industry Updates

Brand explores board-making materials beyond traditional Poly/PU

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 September, 2015 - Through continued research and development to enhance surfboard performance with resin partners Veetek , Sanded Australia announce the introduction of the Surfset Epoxy/ Acrylic resin system to the surf market. 

Veetek will be testing the product in their in-house Epoxy lab, every batch to make sure that every time you use the product it will be the same as the last batch, so no inconsistences will be in the finished product. 

“Surfboard manufacturers are always looking to improve their tech and streamline their production.” Said John Dowse (Founder of Sanded Australia). “With the new SURFSET resin system, the Epoxy surfboard manufacturers will be able to increase their factory outputs to similar to the factories using polyester resins without reducing the quality of their product.” 

SURFSET resin systems will be available online at, through industry reps and selected fibreglass supply stores. Sanded Australia will continue to explore and produce products that will enhance surfboard manufacturing in Australia. 

Sanded Australia was originally started about 5 years ago to help surfers learn more about other styles of board making materials besides the traditional Poly/PU path, which we've been following for a long-time. After lots of interest we started a small forum community that like-minded people could share ideas. 

From then on it's been an on-going search to find new types of materials and products that would work to create lighter, better, stronger and different surfboards. We now work with some of the top surfboard manufacturers in Australia introducing them to new hybrids and materials to influence the performance of their products. 

Two Products are now available in clear and ultra bright (white highlight tint).

PRO Laminating resin 

– allows 10-15 mins for laminating and 2 hours flip times. 


FLEX 3 in one resin, laminate, fill and finish coat with no additives. 

– 30 min laminating time and 4 hours flip time. 

All the resin products will come in 2 colours: 


-Ultra Bright (White highlight tint). 

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