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Santa Cruz artists resolve fashion designer dispute

Jeremy Scott fashions & Jim Phillips' artwork

Surf Culture

Fashion designer Jeremy Scott issues apology

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 4 September, 2013 : - - NHS, Inc./Santa Cruz Skateboards and artists Jimbo and James Phillips resolve dispute with fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

NHS, Inc./Santa Cruz Skateboards and artists Jimbo and James Phillips, known globally for their iconic artwork associated with surf and skateboard culture (hereinafter NHS), have resolved their copyright dispute with fashion designer Jeremy Scott.

NHS asserted that apparel items shown by Scott at the 2013 Fashion Week in New York City, and hand bags Scott gave to attendees at the Fashion Week event, used images that were virtually identical to artwork of Phillips and NHS.

This artwork has adorned skateboard decks and surfboards, and that Scott’s apparel thus infringed federal and common law copyrights owned by NHS and Phillips. Scott’s Fashion Week event triggered criticism in the surf and skate industries.

In resolving the matter, Scott has agreed not to produce or distribute these pieces of apparel and has also agreed to retrieve the infringing items and have them destroyed.

Scott has issued the following statement: “I regret that certain pieces of my February 2013 Fall Winter fashion line incorporated imagery that was similar to images owned by NHS and Messrs. Phillips. I now recognize my mistake and out of respect to their work and their rights, the clothing and handbags at issue will not be produced or distributed. ”

Source: Santa Cruz Sentinel/NHS

Author: Nathan Benjamin

Tags: Santa Cruz Skateboards, Jim Phillips, Culture

Culture: Surfersvillage


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