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'Into the Sea' project still draws global attention

Shalha Yasini, Easkey Britton and Mona Seraji © Marion Poizeau




Project and film brings surfing to women of Iran

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 19 June, 2015 - When you think of Iran, you don't necessarily think "women surfing." But one French woman does. In 2010, Marion Poizeau first visited the coastal area of Baluchistan/Chabahar, an Iranian province on the Persian Gulf near the Pakistani border. Her 2013 documentary, "Into the Sea," tells the story of how surfing took hold in the region, and how they and Iranian sportswomen collaborated on the effort to make that happen.

Poizeau and Irish surfer Easkey Briton first went to Iran in 2010. Before arriving, a search on Facebook led them to Iranians Mona Seraji, a snowboard instructor, and Shalha Yasini, a swimmer. Seraji and Yasini joined them and became advocates for the sport in their homeland.

One challenge, however, was the clothing. Standard surf-wear doesn't leave much room for modesty, so it was difficult for the Iranian women to find clothing that was both water-friendly and culturally appropriate. The women wore makeshift covers on their heads, even donning heavy canvas ponchos. Now, Poizeau says, she's teaming up with a French-Iranian designer to design wetsuits tailored to the cultural requirements.



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