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See Surf brings surfing to Europe's sight-impaired

Claudy Robin and friend © See Surf



Surf Culture

People who are visually impaired can now go surfing on the west coast of France

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 3 February, 2017 -  Looking for a way to share the simple, precious moments of surfing, See Surf was created in late 2012 by sight-impaired surfer Claudy Robin.

Robin said he was inspired by sight-impaired Brazilian surfer Derek Rabelo who received global attention a few years ago for his pursuits at Pipeline.

Robin then worked with friends to develop a system where they give him verbal commands as to when the wave is coming, whether to go left or right and much more. Once the system was in place, Robin expanded to reach other surfers like himself.

Now based in Lacanau, France his group is busy growing a shared network between those who want to practice surfing but need assistance, and those who wish to help others enjoy surfing. His camps are growing in popularity.

By organising these events, his group See Surf delivers the message that surfing is for everyone. “People with disabilities can overcome the isolation created by their situation,” says Robin.

Those who work with Robin at See Surf say it has a special meaning for him and that surfing has been a lifeline for him to connect with others (and the sea.)



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