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El Nino? Kelly's Wave? The Boardroom expands panel lineup




Industry Updates

Pro surfing, El Nino, Kelly's wave and more on tap for panel discussions

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 29 March, 2016 - The Boardroom International Surfboard Show is pleased to announce The SURFER Talks presented by Millennium Foam, a series of five conversations with some of surfing’s most influential characters and brightest minds.

Join SURFER magazine's editorial staff on May 14th and 15th at The Boardroom International Surfboard show, along with special guests, Mr. Pipeline, Gerry Lopez; 1976 World Champion Peter Townend; wave pool visionary Tom Lochtefeld; Surf Park Central founder John Luff; celebrated board builders Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, Marc Andreini, Maurice Cole, Gary Linden, Jeff Clark; as well as writers Brad Melekian, Nick Carroll, Sam George and others (tba).

Kelly's Wave: It changes everything, it changes nothing 
In December, Kelly Slater unveiled the perfect artificial wave he’s spent the last decade developing. What would a freshwater future for surfing entail? And what are the cultural ramifications of Kelly Slater’s Harris Ranch Right?
Panelists: Brad Melekian: SURFER Senior Writer/Professor, University of San Diego; Thomas Lochtefeld: leading wave pool scientist/businessman; John Luff: President, Surf Park Central; Sam George: writer, producer
Saturday May 14 Noon

Are we not entertained? Examining surfing's professional future 
In three years the WSL has made important strides towards improving the public’s access to and interest in professional surfing. But where can it go from here? Should a big-wave paddle event be included on the WCT? How might Brazil’s competitive dominance affect the sport in the long term? Has there been a payoff from Australia’s state-sponsored performance center? And what will it take to see American pro surfers back on top?
Panelists: Peter Townend: 1976 World Champion; Nick Carroll: author/surf journalist; other tba
Saturday May 14 2PM

El Nino's wake: making sense of the best big wave winter in history 
The 2016 El Nino winter saw more historic big-wave sessions than any in recent memory. From Jaws to Mavericks, Waimea to Todos Santos, big-wave paddle surfing was pushed to its logical extremes on a near weekly basis. With so much opportunity to test equipment, what evolutions are big-wave paddle surfboards undergoing? Will tow-surfing likely see a resurgence? How much further can the best big-wave paddle surfers push their limits, and what strides does water safety need to take to keep up?
Panelists: Gary Linden: Producer, WSL Big Wave World Tour/board builder; Maurice Cole: shaper; other tba
Saturday May 14 4PM

In search of the perfect line: a conversation with Gerry Lopez
Join SURFER Magazine managing editor Ashton Goggans for a conversation with one of surfing’s most celebrated figures, Gerry Lopez. One of the most elegant surfers in history, lauded for his poise and style at Pipeline, Lopez contributed greatly to board design in his day, under his iconic Lightning Bolt label. “What he does is poetry,” fellow Pipeline ace Rory Russell once said. “For sheer beauty, no one else even comes close.”
Sunday May 15 11AM

The grass is always greenough: innovation and experimentation
Surfboard design has never been more wide-open. With advancements in materials, design, and theory being pushed regularly, what does the surfboard’s future look like? We’ll discuss George Greenough’s edge board with Marc Andreini; Daniel Thomson’s futuristic designs; Ryan Burch’s first-person explorations of asymmetrical crafts; and the challenges to a truly environmentally friendly surfboard with Sustainable Surf’s Michael Stewart.
Panelists: Marc Andreini: board builder/craftsman; Jeff Clark: board builder/craftsman; Matt “Mayhem” Biolos: Founder, …Lost Surfboards/shaper; Michael Stewart: Founder, Sustainable Surf.
Sunday May 15 1PM

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