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Sensi Graves engages Surfwear Europe as European distributor



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Surfwear Europe V.o.F. will distribute Sensi Graves Bikinis

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 December, 2015 - Three years after Sensi Graves launched her active wear brand for girls ‘who rip’ in the United States, she has engaged an European distributor to spread the successful and emerging brand in European retail shops and online stores.

Dutch based Surfwear Europe V.o.F. will distribute and promote this highly functional, yet flirty active wear starting with the 2016 collection, which will be in store as of early January.  Furthermore, the entire Sensi Graves Bikinis collection will be available on the newly launched European website

Since 2013, is frontrunner in selling Sensi Graves Bikinis in Europe. Ever since, the combination of pure active, female functionality and a flirty cut, has led to a steep growing demand for this upcoming brand by die hard surfer girls all over Europe. Establishing a European basis for her brand by cooperating with Surfwear Europe, enables Sensi Graves to respond to the European demand in an easier, safer and faster way.

Sensi Graves: "Four years ago, when I worked as kite board instructor and was living in North Carolina, I was in the water every single day. I eventually grew tired of the bikini options on the market and wanted something that was durable, comfortable, designed to stay on and still look fantastic. Most swimwear on the market at that time was either not engineered for the active woman or lacked poor fashion aesthetic."

"I wanted something that I felt comfortable and confident in and that looked damn good. I knew other women had this problem and in January of 2012 I launched my brand, Sensi Graves Bikinis, seeking to bring fashion and function to the bikini market. We've had great success in the kite and surf markets and have gained a large following in the United States as well as Europe. With our European sales growing, it was time to invest more into that market. We're looking to increase our presence, gain more shops and followers and make it easier for our European customers to get their hands on our rad suits!”

Alexandra Weeber, co-owner of Surfwear Europe and dedicating her life to surf and yoga on the shores of Nicaragua: ‘with Surfwear Europe we search for exclusive brands with a personal story behind it, to represent. Brands that are created by girls who travel the world seeking the perfect waves and wind, who understand the need for functionality, yet wanna rock that ultimate beach look.

Sensi Graves Bikinis is the perfect example of an upcoming brand that surpasses those big brands that are long discovered by the non-surfing world, both in uniqueness as in functionality. We are delighted to represent Sensi Graves Bikinis in Europe as of her 2016 collection.


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