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Series wraps up SoCal Middle & High School events

Oak Crest Middle School © Scholastic Surf Series



Scholastic Surf Series

Avalanche, Ocean Beach San Diego
15 - 16 November 2014

Oak Crest Middle School Surf Team Shines Through Event

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 20 November, 2014 - The Scholastic Surf Series a division of the Western Surfing Assoc. (WSA) had an awesome weekend of waves.  San Diego Middle School Division 1 geared up and charged 4 to 6 foot waves with 7 foot sets in good conditions on Saturday.  

Oak Crest Middle School Surf Team won the team event scoring 82 more points than Muirlands Surf Team.  Oak Crest and Muirlands are the number 1 and 2 rated surf teams as of the second event in San Diego Middle School Div 1.

Koby Gilchrist , Oak Crest Boys Longboard, and Sydney Tisdel, Aviara Oaks Girls Shortboard, have now secured 2 back to back wins in their respective divisions. Koby Gilchrist has been outstanding with back to back finals in both Boys Shortboard and Boys Longboard in the first 2 events of the season. 

Team Results/Div 1       Points
1.  Oak Crest             246
2.  Muirlands             164
3.  Aviara Oaks         138
4.  Correia             115             
5.  Valley             110.5
6.  Coronado             109.5
7.  Diegueno               98
8.  San Elijo               63
9.  Earl Warren           57

Individual Results Div 1
Boys Shortboard
1.  Jackson Butler, Oak Crest
2.  Levi Slawson, Oak Crest
3.  Koby Gilchrist, Oak Crest
4.  Berkeley Eggers, Muirlands
5.  Steven Muschett, Correia
6.  Billy Whitmore, Oak Crest

Boys Longboard
1.  Koby Gilchrist, Oak Crest
2.  Cole Quinlan, Coronado
3.  Noah Slawson, Oak Crest
4.  Lorenzo Villela, Muirlands
5.  Max Pinnamonti, Aviara Oaks
6.  Beto Garza, Coronado

Girls Shortboard
1.  Sydney Tisdel, Aviara Oaks
2.  Kiersten Noonen, Earl Warren
3.  Malia Faramarzi, Oak Crest
4.  Brooke Young, Correia
5.  Olivia Pessanha, Earl Warren
6.  Kennedi Christ, Oak Crest

Girls Longboard
1.  Maddie Devilbiss, Aviara Oaks
2.  Sydney Zoehrer, Coronado
3.  Jessie May, Correia
4.  Charlie Davey, Muirlands
5.  Kira Stanley, Muirlands
6.  Erin Reilly, Diegueno

Coed Bodyboard
1.  Logan McLaughlin, Aviara Oaks
2.  Tommy Capps, Valley
3.  Evan McLaughlin, Aviara Oaks
4.  Patrick Root, San Elijo
5.  Jake Kelly, Muirlands
6.  Sean Wright, Valley

Scholastic Surf Series San Diego 1 & 2 High School Surfing November 16 Avalanche, Ocean Beach

Another great day for High School Surfing on Sunday.  The 3 to 4 foot surf provided a great opportunity for our San Diego High School coastal schools to display their talent.  The high school Division 1 & 2 teams will be very competitive to the very end of the 5 event series with     San Dieguito and Carlsbad now tied but don’t count La Jolla out just yet. The competition level is progressing to a new level so we will have to wait and see who prevails.

Team Results

Division 1
Point Loma  66        def     La Costa Canyon  64
San Dieguito “A”  75        def    La Jolla  59
Carlsbad “A”  74        def    Torrey Pines “A”  61
Division 2
Carlsbad “B”  50        def    Canyon Crest  40
San Dieguito “B”  55        def    Torrey Pines “B”  25
Oceanside            BYE    Win

Individual Results  

Mens Shortboard
1.  Remi Juboori, La Jolla
2.  Ethan Grant, Carlsbad
3.  Grayson Amthor, San Dieguito
4.  Tanner Ford, La Jolla
5.  Kellar Moore, Carlsbad
6.  Brayden Chalfant, La Jolla

Mens Longboard
1.  Austin Sonnier, Torrey Pines
2.  Owen Whitfield, Torrey Pines
3.  Nick Anderberg, San Dieguito
4.  Matt Perrault, La Jolla
5.  Zach Clark, Point Loma
6.  Ben Goldstein, Carlsbad

Womens Shortboard
1.  Alayna Tomlinson, Torrey Pines
2.  Annie Abicca, San Dieguito
3.  Peyton Slater, Carlsbad
4.  Maile Davis, Carlsbad
5.  Paetyn Parman, La Costa Canyon
6.  Jordyn Barrett, San Dieguito

Womens Longboard
1.  Maya Harrison, La Costa Canyon
2.  Lexi Vartersian, La Costa Canyon
3.  Bella Gilchrist, La Costa Canyon
4.  Hannah Swarthout, Carlsbad
5.  Karla Killeen, San Dieguito
6.  Evalani Jarrod, Carlsbad

Coed Bodyboard
1.  Sean McElroy, Carlsbad
2.  Kellen Andrews, La Costa Canyon
3.  Charlie Rouse, Carlsbad
4.  Austin Kileen, San Dieguito
5.  Jason King, Canyon Crest
6.  Matt Bennett, Oceanside

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