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SHACC auction sneak peek: Rabbit's '85 Alan Byrne Deep 6

Alan Byrne © SHACC





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SHACC to Auction a Bugs personal Alan Byrne-shaped deep six thruster

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 13 July, 2015 - San Clemente, California - Today the Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center released a sneak peak of one of the incredible boards being placed on the auctiono block in September: Rabbit Bartholome's 1985 Alan Byrne deep siz thruster.

Wayne 'Rabbit Bartholomew' Awards & Honours (yeah, we spelled it like the Aussies)

1978 ASP/WSL World Champion
Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia, 2009
Inducted into Australian Walk of Fame, 2006
Inducted into USA Hall of Fame, 2001
Inducted into Sport Australia Hall of Fame, 1999
1999 ASP/WSL World Masters Champion
Inducted into Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, 1987[8] 
Ambassador, International Year of the Ocean, United Nations, 1998.
3-time Gold Coast Sportsman of the Year
ASP "services to the Sport Award"
2003 ASP/WSL World Grand Master Champion
President of the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) from 1999-2009
2009 inducted into the Queensland Sport Hall of Fame 
Movie of the Year, USA Surfer Poll Awards, 2008; for Bustin' Down the Door.
Documentary of the Year, Surfer Poll Awards, 2008; for Bustin' Down the Door.


"AB and Simon Anderson surfed a famous Pipeline Masters final in 1981. While there were seven guys competing, the pair were a step ahead of the field, Simon with his newfangled Thruster, AB with the three best waves of the day (the final was scored on best five).

The two surfer-shapers had great respect for each other, but AB gently mocked the Thruster idea at first, recalling once saying to some mates who'd got Simon's idea and tried it: "If you think putting a couple of little fins on the rail is gonna make your board go better, you're tripping." But he changed his tune swiftly after experimenting with three-fin clusters, and soon they were part of the AB six channel deal. 

Rabbit rode them in Hawaii and put on a hell of a show, but it was Gary Elkerton who took the big six to its logical limit. Kong first showed up on the North Shore in 1982 with an AB quiver and made his presence felt like few others. By the mid-1980s he was the dominant young surfer at Sunset Beach, riding a hard rockered 8'0" and blowing everyone away with massive fades, carves and barrels, all accomplished with the big six's most obvious performance attribute: speed.

The boards were unbelievably fast. Kong once said his greatest fear was that Martin Potter would get hold of one. " - NC 

Scott Bass

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