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Shark attacks surfer off coast of central Japan



Shark News

Last shark attack in the area was in 1995

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 10 June, 2014 - A 43-year-old man has been seriously injured after being attacked by a shark while surfing off central Japan, officials say, warning local beach-goers to be alert. Tsuyoshi Takahashi, an off-duty life guard, was rushed to hospital on Sunday afternoon after the shark sank its teeth into his left arm some 30 metres offshore, a fire department official said.

The accident occurred while Takahashi was surfing with his colleagues in the Pacific off the Atsumi peninsula in Aichi, some 250 kilometres west of Tokyo. 'He was seriously injured and got 30 stitches to the wound, but there is no threat to his life,' said the official on Tuesday, adding: 'We are calling on other surfers to be on the alert against sharks.'

Japan's long coastline is home to a variety of sharks, but attacks on people are relatively rare. 


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