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Shark encounter closes beaches north of Huntington

Great white shark © Brocken Inaglory



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Fortunately the surfer was able to ride a wave to shore

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 9 October, 2015 - On Thursday a 10-foot great white shark rushed toward a surfer in Sunset Beach, just north of Huntington Beach.

The scared surfer said the shark’s dorsal fin was exposed as it came toward him. Fortunately the surfer was able to ride a wave to shore according to CBS.

Lifeguards deemed the behaviour of the shark aggressive enough to warrant the closure of a two-mile stretch of beach surrounding 23rd street in Sunset Beach where the encounter took place. 

The Orange County beaches remaining closed through Friday afternoon are Surfside to Sunset Beach, along with a portion of Bolsa Chica Beach. The beaches will open again late this afternoon unless there is another aggressive shark sighting

Great White Shark, Huntington Beach, Bolsa Chica Beach, Sunset Beach, Surfside
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