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Shark encounter near Ballina results in severe leg puncture

Damaged board © Scott Crump via Facebook



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Surfer released from hospital on same day treatment

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 11 October, 2016 - A man is lucky to walk away from a shark encounter with only a few stitches to his calf. The man suffered the deep, single puncture wound while surfing with a group of friends at Sharpes Beach just north of Ballina on the Northern New South Wales Coast.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports the unidentified 25-year-old was knocked off his board and then let out a “chilling scream” according to witnesses. The man made his way to the shallows and removed his wetsuit to discover a deep wound on his right calf.

He was driven to nearby Ballina Hospital, where he was treated and stitched. He was discharged later that same day.

Scott Crump was out during the session and spoke to Fairfax Media: "It was sunny, there were dolphins everywhere, no bait balls or those things you usually worry about,” he said. "I had been out for about 40 minutes and there was about a dozen guys out. A guy screamed and I saw his friend point to the beach.”

"It looked like a stab wound but it was pretty deep," said Crump of Sol Life Surfboards. "He walked up the beach; he didn't think he was hurt. He was pretty mellow. We were all dumb-founded."

Mr Crump added that looking at the mangled board, it was surprising that the man got away with such a small injury.

In late September teenage surfer Cooper Allen was attacked by a suspected great white at Lighthouse Beach in Ballina.

All beaches in Ballina were closed after this latest encounter.

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