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Shark Mitigation Systems makes aggressive industry move

Great white shark © Elias Levy/WikiCommons



Industry Updates

New section of surf hardware expands as SMS appoints Simon O'Sullivan to post

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 24 July, 2016 - Shark Mitigation Systems entered the Australian Stock Exchange earlier this year signalling that this new section of surf hardware could mean big business.

In a follow up announcement the group, which makes a series of wetsuits, buoys and other shark deterrents said it has appointed surf industry veteran Simon O’Sullivan. O’Sullivan previously ran Rip Curl in Western Australia where he was responsible for the brand’s clothing and wetsuits.

“We believe there are significant opportunities for our technology in the global wetsuit market and Simon is an ideal candidate to unlock this potential,” said SMS founding director Craig Anderson. “Simon brings a significant wealth of experience, having managed multi-million dollar sales, marketing and distribution operations in the surf industry,”

Shark Mitigation Systems developed their catalog of shark deterrents with the help of The University of Western Australia. Their products include anti-shark patterns that can be applied to surfboards, and other aquatic craft as well as special wetsuit designs.

The anti-shark patterns have been licensed to swimwear brand Arena and wetsuit maker Radiator. Shark Mitigation Systems will receive royalties from sales.

SMS have also developed the near-shore Clever Buoy system that uses sonar to detect sharks. The buoys have a microprocessor that analyses large, swimming objects by pinging sonar off another component anchored on the ocean floor. When a large, swimming object is spotted the buoy system sends a satellite signal incorporating Google+ to alert those on hand to deal with the shark.

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