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Shark Updates: Newcastle still closed. Spearfisher gets bit



Shark Updates

Australia's east coast the focus of new round of shark woes

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 16 January, 2015 - Newcastle beaches have been closed for a full week since two sharks were spotted nearby. In addition, a teenager was reportedly bitten 250 miles to the south.

A 16-foot great white has been hanging around since Saturday off the coast of Newcastle forcing nearby beaches to be closed for public safety. Meanwhile in Ulladulla to the south a 17-year-old was attacked by a five foot bronze whaler while spearfishing. Last month a teenager was killed off the great barrier reef by a shark while spearfishing.

The boy in Ulladulla was taken to a nearby hospital and is reported to be in satisfactory condition. Surf Life Saving New South Wales reported that Narrawellee Beach had been closed after the attack.

Back at Newcastle there were reports of a shark mauling a dolphin at Burwood Beach while spear fishers ignored warnings and continued to hunt nearby. lifeguards were working to keep beachgoers out of the water. Many locals could not recall such a presence of sharks in the area or the beach being closed for so long.

Southern Cross University marine biologist Danny Bucher, expected the great white shark would be on its way eventually.

"As a general rule they're nomadic, but if there's a reliable supply of food,” he told the Associated Press. “They'll hang around while that food lasts.”

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