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Sharks are much closer to you than you previously thought

Shark approaching surfer © Ryan Crossings



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Have you wondered why there are so many shark bites in Florida?

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 23 January, 2017 - Drones. If we’ve learned anything from drones it is that sharks are much closer, more often than we previously thought. They are also very curious creatures. We’ve just received another drone clip featuring several surfer/shark and SUP/shark near encounters.

HYDROPHILIK of Ft Pierce Inlet Florida sent us the below clip showing just how close and curious sharks are. “At one point a big shark nearly attacks a smaller shark right next to a surfer," said the site. "Some of the surfers were not even aware that there were sharks right next to them."

During the recent drone proliferation it's become apparent that it’s much easier to watch sharks mix with surfers from the comfort zone of a drone (and computer screen) than, say, in waist-deep water.



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