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Is Shawn Dollar still on the 'underground' list?

Shawn Dollar, Cortes Bank © Frank Quirarte

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An Exclusive Interview with Big Wave Surfer Shawn Dollar

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 30 April, 2013 : - - The 2010 surf contest at Maverick's produced some of the biggest waves in competitive surfing history. Massive bombs that tested the mettle of all the surfers in the water that day. Yet ask anyone who watched the contest what the most memorable moment of the event was, and most won't go into who won the contest, or how big the waves were, but rather who was surfing during an expression session that was held between the SemiFinals and Finals of the event.

The surfer who impressed the masses was Shawn Dollar, a big wave charger from Santa Cruz who until that moment was known only within the inner circles of the big wave community. That day, Dollar showed his peers and fans of surfing alike just how amazing of a surfer he is. Roaring into a massive 55-foot wave with incredible confidence and fluidity that at the time would set a World Record for the largest wave ever paddled into, Dollar not only put himself on notice as a premier big wave rider but also earned himself a prestigious Monster Paddle Award at the Billabong XXL Awards.

Since that day Dollar has been a fixture at most premier big wave surfing contests. When some of the biggest waves in the world are firing Dollar is there charging hard with the greatest big wave surfers in the world. I interviewed Dollar, who is nominated for a Billabong XXL Ride of the Year, Pacifico Paddle and Biggest Wave Awards, on my surf talk radio show WaXed to talk about breaking the record for the largest wave ever paddled into, winning a Billabong XXL award, reaching the finals of the Maverick's Invitational, surfing Cortes Bank, and his thoughts on Garrett McNamara cutting off Greg Long while riding a WaveJet at Cortes Bank that nearly caused serious harm while Dollar surfed the wave directly before it.

Cyrus: You've been making a name for yourself in Northern California for a while. Santa Cruz is where I believe you're from, or where you currently live. Maverick's is really where you introduced yourself to the surfing industry and beyond. Congrats, first of all, you made the Finals of the most recent edition of a surf contest at Maverick's a couple of months ago. How did that contest go? Were you happy with the way the waves were, and were you happy with your own result?

Shawn: Yeah, with my own results, I was definitely happy to make it to the Finals. For me, personally, it was a really big deal. I was just really stoked to have everything work out, that I got there. The waves were the best waves we've seen out there in three years. So I'm glad how the contest went. However, I really wish it was proper. (Laughs) The space deserved bigger, you know? So you just make the most of it, and we did. It's just what we do.

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Source: Huffington Post

Author: Cyrus Saatsaz

Tags: Shawn Dollar, Maverick's, Big Wave

Team: Surfersvillage


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