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Sikk Shades launch eyewear brand nationwide

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Texas-based eyewear brand launches performance line of shades

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 6 March, 2015 - Houston, Texas - Sikk Shades – a new line of performance eyewear for the action sports market – officially launches today. Developed by former Pro BMX Rider Eddie Bauer Jr., along with some of the industry’s top eyewear designers, Sikk Shades are now available online and in select retailers nationwide.

Created specifically for athletes, and designed to withstand harsh weather and extreme conditions, Sikk Shades offer clearer vision and better depth perception than traditional polarized glasses, as well as a better fit and a non-slip, embedded nose grip for all-day wear and comfort.

Sikk Shades lenses utilize Flash Electric™ technology, which blocks short-wave light –  the harmful light that leads to eye damage –  and allows ample amounts of long-wave light in. This allows the wearer to avoid the distortion and depth perception issues common in most polarized lenses, while providing clear and unobstructed vision, a huge advantage if you’re on the track or hitting the slopes.

Each pair of Sikk Shades features a non-slip nose grip embedded into the frame, keeping the glasses securely in place while athletes sweat, experience extreme weather and manage harsh terrain. The durable frames are made by one of Italy’s most respected, independent eyewear manufacturers and are perfectly balanced and weighted to fit better, without the painful pressure points behind the ear – allowing for all day wear and comfort.  

“As a former pro BMX/Motorcross racer, I was frustrated by the polarized sunglasses I was wearing constantly distorting my vision, giving off that weird prism effect and causing depth perception issues – something that’s particularly problematic when you’re skating, snowboarding, riding motocross or BMX,” said Eddie Bauer Jr., founder and CEO of Sikk Shades.  “I started doing research to find an alternative to polarized lenses and found Flash Electric™ technology was the perfect solution. It outperforms polarized in virtually every aspect, providing superior vision while also letting in fewer damaging UV rays. From there, we developed the perfectly weighted and balanced frames, which eliminate the pressure points behind the ears and offer a very comfortable fit. We also embedded the nose grip right into the frame. We’ve had the glasses tested by our friends and colleagues in the industry and they’ve received incredible reviews. We’re excited to launch what we believe will be the new standard in performance eyewear for the action sports industry.”

Sikk Shades has assembled an impressive roster of up-and-coming athletes from skate, surf, snow, BMX and motocross to test its flagship frames and to serve as brand ambassadors, including:
surfers Paul Pluey and Vanina Walsh; skateboarders Daniel Cuervo and Jose Cheese Chevalo; snowboarders Ian Kuhn, Phil Smage, Jason Lozzi, Aaron Lozzi and Brandon Heitzenrater; olympians Lucas Mata (Australian bobsled team) and Mirela Rahneva (Olympian skeleton racer for Team Canada); motocross riders Craig Robertson, Austin Politelli and Dylan French; BMX riders Justin Carson (5-time Colorado State Champion); as well as automotive drivers Austin Ford and Kyle Keenan.

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