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Silvana Lima beats field of 71 to claim Midori Pro crown


Silvana Lima (left) & Jacqueline Silva : photo Robertson/Surfing Australia



Midori Pro
ASP 5 Star WQS Womens Event

Merewether Newcastle, NSW
12 - 18 March 2007


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Sylvana Lima takes Midori Pro Title 

Surfersvillage Global Surf News, 17 March, 2007 : - - Brazilian pocket rocket Silvana Lima has beaten 71 of the world’s best female surfers to take the crown at the 5 star Midori Pro at the 2007 Maitland Toyota Surfest at Merewether beach.

In an all Brazilian final, Lima narrowly edged out her compatriot Jacqueline Silva, to grab the $US4,000 prize packet and earn 2000 points for the World Qualifying Series (WQS) tour. Currently ranked number three on the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) World Tour, the 22 year-old natural foot managed a finals’ score of 10.16 against Silva’s 9.83.

The Brazilian wowed the crowd of around 3000 people with impressive high turns off the lip and a number of aerial maneuvers. ”I feel really, really good about the win,” an exuberant Lima said. ”I had a lot of my friends come over and support me, so it was nice to be here.” The pint sized champion who stands just re 145 cm (4ft 9”) shot to international surfing fame as a wildcard entrant in the 2005 Billabong Pro at Maui in Hawaii.


Silvana LIma : photo Robertson/ASP


Lima earned a perfect 10 on her first-ever wave ridden in elite tour competition during that event. Today, she was humble about her standout performance. ”I’m just a normal 22-year-old, doing normal stuff and enjoying life - I’m just good at surfing,” the affable Lima said. ”I’m leaving Newcastle this afternoon to go to Soldier’s Beach on the Central Coast and then over to Margaret River to surf the WQS event there.” 
Runner up Jacqueline Silva, currently ranked number eight on the ASP world tour, said she had a lot of memories of surfing at Newcastle and would have liked to have taken the Midori Pro title. In 1997, the then 17-year-old finished ninth in the same event at Newcastle. Today she bettered that effort, only missing out on the title by less than half a point.

”I did really well in all my heats and I was so close but it was a tough comp and I’m happy that one of my best friends won,” 27-year-old Silva said. ”Silvana and I tour together and every contest we try to watch each other’s heats, so I’m happy for her win.”

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It was a disappointing end to the Australian competitors in the event, with hot favourites Nicola Atherton (Sydney, NSW) and Amee Donohoe (Central Coast, NSW) both bundled out in the semi-finals this morning.

Final Results 

1, Lima.Silvana  BRA
2, Silva,Jacqueline BRA

SEMI 1            
1, Silva,Jacqueline BRA
2, Donohoe,Amee         AUS

1, Lima.Silvana  BRA    
2, Atherton,Nicola AUS

Women's WQS standings after Midori Pro

1 Gilmore,Stephanie AUS 2900
2 Brooke,Serena AUS 2680
2 Redman-Carr,Melanie AUS 2680
4 Donohoe,Amee AUS 2460
5 Miley-Dyer,Jessi AUS 2440
6 Atherton,Nicola AUS 2360
7 McGrath,Laurina AUS 2120
7 Bevilacqua,Claire AUS 2120
9 Lima,Silvana BRA 2000
10 Robb,Nikita ZAF 1800
11 Shields,Sheridan AUS 1780
11 Woods,Rebecca AUS 1780
11 Langen,Kyla USA 1780
14 Silva,Jacqueline BRA 1720
14 Bartels,Melanie HAW 1720
16 Mason,Airini NZL 1700
16 Gryde,Leilani HAW 1700
16 Schmitz,Bruna BRA 1700
19 Noyes,Lyndsay AUS 1610
20 Smith,Tammy Lee ZAF 1600
20 Baldwin,Lindsey USA 1600
22 Sanchez,Amandine FRA 1510
22 Sarran,Caroline FRA 1510
24 Wooldridge,Kim AUS 1480
24 Abubo,Megan HAW 1480
24 Mayaguchi,Kaori JPN 1480
27 Hodge,Rosanne ZAF 1400
27 Hosseini,Erica USA 1400
29 Beardmore,Sarah AUS 1390
29 Menczer,Pauline AUS 1390
31 Stewart,Amy AUS 1310
31 Fitzgibbons,Sally AUS 1310
31 Grimwood,Jessica AUS 1310
31 Goncalves,Claudia BRA 1310
35 Ashley,Anastasia USA 1230
36 Hareb,Paige NZL 1220
36 Houden,Paige AUS 1220
36 Hedges,Chelsea AUS 1220
36 Mulanovich,Sofia PER 1220
40 Quam,Jenny USA 1120
41 Vail,Crystal AUS 1030
41 Wheatley,Jaimee AUS 1030
41 Taniguchi,Erina JPN 1030
41 Werneck,Marina BRA 1030
45 Hickson,Jessica AUS 940
46 Hamilton,Bethany HAW 903
47 Quint,Juliana BRA 900
48 Arnaud,Alize FRA 880
49 Oakley,Rebecca AUS 840
50 Caton,Charlotte FRA 790
51 Beck,Holly USA 780
51 Mayer,Kim USA



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